Thanks For Visiting Our Booth At IRE 2017

Thanks For Visiting Our Booth At IRE 2017

The 2017 International Roofing Expo was the largest in the event’s 62-year history. With more booths to explore, more square feet to cover, and more companies vying for your attention, we thank you for visiting the Safety Hoist Company booth. We appreciated the opportunity to talk with you about how Safety Hoist products can help your business.

For over 45 years, our sole focus has been designing and manufacturing ladder hoists. As the roofing industry changes, we continue to pioneer new ladder lifts and are committed to developing better material handling alternatives for the industry.

We want to stay responsive to both your needs as a customer and to industry standards. For example, higher rooftops and heavier shingles prompted us to create the VH-300 power ladder.  Its new peak provides greater stability and strength. It easily handles heavier loads of up to 300 pounds while meeting industry standards. It’s even easier to assemble than our MH-123 and CH-200 roofing ladders.Our HD-400 platform hoist also handles heavier shingles and up to 400 pounds.

Which Safety Hoist product is right for you?

Get your questions answered by calling us directly at (610) 941-4333.

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