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Routine Maintenance For Your Safety Hoist Ladder Lift

A Safety Hoist material hoist will last many years with routine care. All of the following tasks should be done at the end of every season—as well as at the specified times—but it is not too late to do them now, as spring approaches. Unless otherwise noted, this maintenance schedule applies to both the Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine (G) and the Honda electric (E) motor.

Before use

  • Clean debris from the engine with a brush or dry cloth—do not use water because it could contaminate the fuel
  • Remove flammable material around the muffler

After every 8 hours

  • Check oil level
  • Check reduction gear oil (E)
  • Check the air filter (E)
  • Change oil after the first 8 hours of use, then every 50 hours (G) or 100 hours (E)

After 20-25 hours of use

  • If high temperatures or heavy loads are part of the operating environment, change oil after 20-25 hours instead of 50 hours and follow hazardous waste disposal rules
  • Service air cleaner pre-cleaner or air cleaner cartridge, depending on your unit—do not use pressurized air or solvents, which can damage these parts

After every 50 hours of use

  • Change oil in gas engine and follow hazardous waste disposal rules
  • Check spark arrester, if so equipped
  • Clean the air filter (E)—more frequently if used in dusty environment

After every 100 hours

  • Change oil in electric engine and follow hazardous waste disposal rules
  • Change oil in gear reduction (G), if so equipped
  • Replace spark plug (G)
  • Clean spark plug and spark arrester (E)
  • Clean the sediment cup (E)

After every 100 hours AND more frequently in dusty conditions

  • Service the air cleaner cartridge that comes equipped with pre-cleaner—do not use pressurized air or solvents, which can damage this part
  • Clean cooling system

After every 100-300 hours

  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Change oil in gear reduction (E), if so equipped
  • Get Honda service/fuel line, strainer, and tank check (E)

Once you have taken care of the power source for your ladderlift, continue with this routine care and maintenance.

  • Use the Ladder Inspection Checklist before each use to ensure the safety of your equipment and your workers
  • Lower and lock the laddervator when you temporarily leave the job site
  • Remove all materials from the power ladder before transporting and storing it
  • Clean off dirt and debris before storing your platform hoist
  • Stow your roofing ladder out of the elements, away from excessive debris, heat, and moisture until you are ready to work
  • Store your material hoist on its side on a sturdy rack, where it won’t fall or get knocked over
  • Securely anchor, pad, and protect your shingle elevator before transporting it

Need a part to complete your routine maintenance? Give us a call at 877-99-HOIST.

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